Why are the majority of mountain bikes still using V-brakes?
Published on October 12, 2003 By Kona0197 In Misc
You see it every time you open a copy of mountain bike. You see it every time you look at a high end mountain bike at a Local Bicycle Shop. Disc Brakes. And yet most bikes are still equiped with V-Brakes.

I recently upgraded my Giant Ranier to a new set of Disc Brakes. While I was at the LBS I noticed that some bikes, in the 600 to 1000 dollar range, don't even have international disc brake tabs on the frame. So that means you are stuck with V-Brakes.

What a rip off.

Price is a factor here. While a set of V-Brakes and V-Brake rims will run you $200 for a good setup, a disc brake setup will run upwards of $500 dollars.

I think it is time every bike manufacturer incoparates disc brake tabs into the frame for those wishing to spend alot less money on a bicycle and want the ability to upgade down the road.

on Nov 21, 2003
Hey, no can do majority of people use v brakes, and moreover I think disc brakes are more prone to breakage.
on Dec 12, 2003
you obviously do not know what you are talking about.