Published on September 8, 2016 By kona0197 In Personal Computing

So I got a good deal on a notebook at a local pawn shop. Using it now. The shop had upgraded it to Windows 10. When I got it home I did a complete factory reset and that reinstalled Windows 8.1. Now since the free upgrade to 10 is over with, does anyone know if I can go back to 10 for free somehow?

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on Sep 14, 2016

Well the 500 GB hard drive it came with isn't dead yet. Not even close.

on Sep 14, 2016

Having installed Win10 on hundreds of systems I've found a HUGE bottleneck with hard drive activity on boot. 

Not entirely sure what it is that is happening but it drove me nuts on my home PC. (Dell XPS8500).

Boot time was unbearable with my SATA drive with nearly 4-5 mins before disk usage was below 100%.

I invested 90 bux on a Samsung 850 EVO 250GB SSD.

Now, from the time I see the BIOS log to a usable desktop... less than 10 seconds.


Note - This scenario is not confined to just my system. I've seen it on many others. 

Some laptops were 5400 RPM drives and I went to 7200 RPM and gained significant time as well.

on Sep 14, 2016


Most laptops are that way. The only way to do anything is send it to the manufacturer, and it is limited. That is how you can carry it everywhere. It is called sodering.
I have had quite a few laptops. Have 3 now, AND a Dell 2 in 1. All of them have replaceable hard drives and batteries.


I have never seen one that didn't.

on Sep 14, 2016

Google Asus XM551. Now you have.

on Sep 14, 2016



on Sep 15, 2016

jafo did say the update this summer slowed one (more?) of his machines down. i'm assuming the w10 you grabbed would be the one with the update.. so maybe that's the reason?

on Sep 15, 2016

Well it's not exactly so slow that I can't get any work done, it's just slower than my old quad care pentium setup. And this dual core CPU is newer. 4 is better than 2. Go figure. 

on Sep 15, 2016


4 is better than 2.

Usually true.