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So, to make a long story short, life has been turned upside down for me. Went through a bad breakup, and escaped with almost nothing. So I sold a few things I no longer needed, and bought a Windows 8.1 tablet. Tried a full size laptop first, but with my current situation, and the fact I am now more mobile than I ever was in the last few years, I went with the tablet instead. Nothing special about this tablet, it has a Intel Atom quad-core processor, 32 GB solid state drive, and only 1 GB of DDR3 system RAM. Somehow it runs Windows 8.1 (with Bing) quite well, and is very snappy. Problem is me. I don't think I can get used to Windows 8. And I need your help figureing out what browser to use. This little thing does not run Chrome or Firefox very well at all. I have also tried Pale Moon, Midori, Maxthon, and Opera. I need a browser that is lightweight, but also has at least ad block as an option.

Other thoughts about Windows 8...

The good stuff:

Handles memory quite well
IE is quite fast
App store makes it easy to install programs
Live tiles are handy
Windows 8 handles touchscreens well
Fast start up and shut down times

The bad stuff:

Too many ways to do the same thing
IE from the Start screen is hard to use
Updates take forever to download and install, much worse than Windows 7
Having to have an Microsoft email to do many things on the system
Drops WiFi often (Could be my hardware...)

Any other thoughts or tips would help. I can't go back to what I had. Windows 8 is here to stay.

on Nov 25, 2014

IE is quite fast

IE is a browser....

on Nov 25, 2014

go with EasyList Standard plus EasyPrivacy


or (easier to manage):


or (this costs money, just in case "more mobile than ever" means "can finally afford a car" and not "no longer has a home"):



on Nov 25, 2014

Yes Jafo, IE is a browser. I know. Thanks Moshi, will look into it.

on Nov 25, 2014

on Nov 25, 2014

Having to have an Microsoft email to do many things on the system

I explained to you on the other thread that you do NOT need to have a MS account to use/install Win8.

You DO need one to get some things from the store, but you can simply enter your credentials for individual apps instead of switching to a MS account.

on Nov 26, 2014

This is so funny! That's how I feel about IE, too!

Good one, Doc! 

on Nov 26, 2014

PHOON  IS RIGHT JUST RUN A LOCAL  with admin  the same as PC use ms to get  app,  all so try the  CM browser  from play store , it is light and fast  i use it on my tablet .