Published on January 2, 2015 By kona0197 In Personal Computing

So on the machine I use everyday I have an issue. I use Chrome. When in Chrome, I get constant redirects and popups. 

I have tried the following with these results:

AVG full scan - clean
MSE full scan - clean
Malewarebytes - clean
Superantispyware - clean
Spybot - clean
ADWcleaner - clean
Hitman PRO - clean

The popups and browser hijacks have to be some sort of virus. But all of these say the machine is clean??? 

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on Oct 25, 2015


I asked the Sheriff and they said no.

kona, if there is property belonging to you at an address which is subject to restraint orders, you can apply for a police escort [to keep the peace] so you can collect those belongings.  That is law pretty much anywhere you go these days.  You obviously can not go there on your own, but the police dep't is obliged to assist you in retrieving your possessions.  An inquiry with your local courthouse should advise as to how you would go about this... hopefully without issue.

All the best with it, mate.

Uggghhh, this came up as a newish post and I'm almost a year late.   Hopefully all is resolved, then.

on Oct 26, 2015

I , and how know its to late. As far as restore points programs seem to keep erasing those why, and how can I fix that. I do recommend poking your nose around as long you don't try changing anything you don't know; even though a backup would probably fix that. How do I get safemode in windows 10. The problem is probably simpy fixable with internet browser settings, and resetting your windows defender to default settings. I recommend doing this before you do anything just because it feels better when you solve the problem without help/ Working in safemode is nice considering most viruses don't work there. You probably should have two different browsers on the system in case one goes down. Not being able to access the internet sucks. Also I would recommend keeping a free virus checker not installed in your downloads since viruses seem to ignore programs that aren't running. Also at least one copy of your browser setup in your downloads just in case. It would even be safer to have these in a different folder. I just had to recover my computer because of a virus when I got back on the internet, so I may have no room to talk.