Published on September 3, 2016 By kona0197 In Personal Computing

Too many choices on Google, so I thought to ask my friends here. I'm looking for a program that will take an exact image of my hard drive that can be restored after replacing the hard drive or a system crash that can't be recovered. Basically a program that will allow be to boot up via USB stick, then copy the image to the hard drive, then, like magic, everything works like it did when it was backed up. Easy to use is a plus. Thanks guys. 

on Sep 03, 2016

You might want to look into EaseUS TODO Backup, works well for me.

on Sep 03, 2016

I use it too. Disk/Partition backup...File backup...System backup...Smart backup...Clone...Check image...Create Emergency Disk...

on Sep 26, 2016

I haven't used EaseUS Todo Backup Free myself, but
I've often heard good things said about it and going on their website the free version does incremental backups.